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Welcome to Riddle Spot

Here you will find some of the best riddles and optical illusions on the Internet. Come in and browse around. If you find something useful try it out and let us know how it was. Don't forget to tell all your friends about us.

Latest Riddles
Riddle Date Added Rating
Why is Sunday...2010-09-11
What can go up a chimney down2004-07-11
Neither big nor small2004-07-11
Many have heard it.2004-07-11
Bought by the Yard?2004-07-11
What's the difference?2004-07-11
I am practically nothing2004-07-11
The False Coin2004-06-05
The Portrait of an Unknown Man2004-06-05
Little Creatures2004-05-21
Highest Rated Riddles
Riddle Date Added Rating
Captured by wood faries2004-05-01
How many F's2004-05-11
Right brain or left brain2002-12-13
The person who buys it doesn't need it2002-12-11
Just plan weird2002-12-13
The beginning of eternity2003-06-22
What is greater than God...2004-05-21
I never was, am always to be,2002-08-10
What is so special about this sequence2003-10-30
Jumping through the window2004-03-10

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