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Riddle Date Added Rating
Stuck in.2002-12-23
Brain Problem!!!!2003-01-06
What did she eat ?2003-06-03
How did she do it?2003-06-03
6 pairs of gloves2003-07-26
What number comes next2003-08-01
Who's drinking what2003-08-02
36 floors2003-08-04
Sinking Ladder2003-08-19
Crossing the river2003-08-22
What are the next two letters2003-08-30
Mr. Smith:2003-09-05
Four cars come to a four way stop2003-09-07
Henry was out walking one day2003-10-11
Winner marries the princess2003-10-14
A man falls overboard2003-10-16
There was a wise king who had two sons2003-10-27
A cop was walking past a restaurant2003-10-29
A horse is tied to a five meter rope2003-10-31
A mother gave birth to twin boys2003-11-01
Babysitting 10 kids2003-11-02
jumping houses2003-11-05
A pregnant lady named her children2003-11-27
A large truck is crossing a bridge2003-11-28
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