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What am I?

Riddle Date Added Rating
I am the ruler of shovels2003-08-06
Many things can create one2003-08-11
Only one color, but not one size2003-08-12
What falls but never breaks2003-08-13
Take some away2003-08-14
When I am filled I can point the way.2003-08-23
They call me a man2003-08-25
My life can be measured in hours2003-08-27
A wee wee man in a red coat2003-08-28
I'm a god, a planet ...2003-08-31
I'm white and used for cutting2003-09-01
I am a rock group2003-09-02
The answer I give is yes2003-09-03
When I point up it's bright2003-09-04
I can be cracked2003-09-05
I have two arms, but fingers none2003-09-21
Walk on the living2003-09-22
It goes up2003-10-06
The strangest creature2003-10-07
What regularly changes shape2003-10-08
I am never quite what I appear to be2003-10-13
i have five legs, four heads...2003-10-13
When liquid splashes me2003-10-17
Round I start, yet no shape have I2003-10-18
If I'm walking, then I must be running2003-10-20
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