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Riddle Date Added Rating
Boy and the Carney2002-08-10
How Can This Be?2002-08-10
Magician Underwater2002-08-10
Half Full or Half Empty?2002-08-10
Fishing Rod2002-11-05
Clasped hands2002-11-05
Cell breakout2002-11-05
Sinking Ship2002-11-05
Murder suspects2002-11-05
Filling the room2002-11-05
Reading with the lights off2002-11-05
Explain how the tractor got there?2002-08-10
The following sentence is false.2002-11-05
Cogs, Tigs and Pabs2002-08-10
Fox, Goose and a Sack of Corn2002-08-10
Fork In the Road2002-08-10
Two grandmothers2002-08-10
Mailing a Valuable Object2002-08-10
3 Switches2002-08-10
Can't be buried in the USA2002-11-05
A man lives on the 12th floor.2002-12-11
What God does not have.2002-12-13
Dead at work2002-12-23
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