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Riddle Date Added Rating
The Missing Dollar2002-08-10
Age of father and son2002-11-05
Canaries and cages2002-11-05
6 in roman2002-11-05
If you have three oranges2002-11-05
Train Journey2002-08-10
Four members of a band ...2002-08-10
A large truck is crossing a bridge2002-11-05
I am a three digit number.2002-11-05
Make this sum work2003-08-04
How many times can you subtract2003-08-21
If you wrote2003-08-26
At a recent visit to the reptile house2003-10-19
something kids get and adult dont2003-11-02
The cost of underwear2003-11-06
In a stable there are men and horses2003-11-16
What's the least number of chairs2003-11-24
Three people check into a hotel2003-12-06
Snail climbing a tree2003-12-08
Mr and Mrs Smith have two children2003-12-06
I am the owner of a pet store2003-12-14
Roman Numerals2003-12-15
Eight years ago2003-12-17
Twice as old as her brother2004-02-11
Change for a dollar2004-02-21
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